Saturday, August 9, 2008

A lot going on....

Oh Goodness! There has been a lot going on since my last post.

We have spent the summer getting things done around the house and going back and forth between kids activities. We started with taking down our 70 yr old Silver Maple in the front yard and the mulberry tree in the backyard. The kids had 2 wks of swimming lessons and then Maycen went straight into volleyball camp at Highland High School. She enjoyed it and it was her first dose of volleyball since my coaching days.

Then we decided to tackle an above ground swimming pool. Boy, was that fun! Took me about a week and 1/2 to get all permits and installation lined up and several weeks later we still need to finish the fence and get the dirt filled back in and leveled out. One thing about the installation is that it doesn't include the clean up or hauling of dirt. Slowly but surely we are getting things done...but its definately at a slow pace :)

The last two weeks have consisted of soccer camp. Jackson and Maycen attended the Chicago Fire Camp and Maycen liked it so much that we put her in a more competitive camp the following week. She wants to go to the 8 wk session they hold in the fall but the jury is still out on that.

Last week Maycen started practice for her U12 Girls team that Charlie is coaching. She is enjoying the practices and her teammates. Jackson will start practice this next week and Charlie will help as well. For me, I am the fill in for Charlie when he is away. I am hoping to get a few more photos taken this season for both teams.

That prettty much brings us up to date as I take a glance at the calendar as see that school starts the following week. So officially one week of summer left and then we hit the books :) This was the first summer we had the kids in activities and stayed put without traveling. It definately made for an interesting summer and we were all busy.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chicago Fire in the US OPEN CUP

Last night we took our Highland 3 v 3 team is gearing up to play in a tournament on July 19th to the US Open Cup game between the Chicago Fire and Cleveland. The Fire WON!!! Next opponent, DC UNITED on Tuesday!

The girls had a fabulous time watching an action packed game! The highlight was meeting some of the players afterwards. (A big THANK YOU to Chris, Chad, Calen, Jon, Nick, and Diego for taking the time to chat with the kids about soccer!)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Going to Fair Oaks Farm

Swimming class was cancelled this morning due to rain...imagine that are in a pool of water but rain cancels the class :) So, the kids need something to pass the time so we decided to go with our friends down to Fair Oaks Farm...a diary farm. We pass it all the time when headed to the lake or NC but have never stopped. So off we go...

The kids had a blast touring the farm. We got to see the milking carousel, sample cheese, participate in tons of interactive games and see the birth of several calves...well, actually we missed the actual birth that could have been a good thing. We saw one mommy cow cleaning her calve up right after birth, one mommy cow getting ready to give birth (our tour was leaving so we had to go) and then we returned to the birthing barn right after two other mommies gave birth..but we got to see the calves stand for the first time and eat for the first time...quite an interesting day I must say!

Last Weekend

I finally remembered to download all my photos to clear my memory card..YEAH!! Over the past few days I have had to selectively delete photos as we were out and about to create room for new ones.

Last weekend, Charlie and I decided to take the kids to the Shedd Aquarium. We knew the kids would love it! I think Maycen was most impressed by the Kimodo King exhibit which was home to some very large reptiles. Jackson loved seeing the small aquariums because he could get up close.
Afterwards, we walked out to view the art exhibit located between the Shedd and Grant Park. Everyone had their favorite...but Charlie couldn't resist the ole ball and chain display.

Monday, June 16, 2008

SU Retirement List is HERE!!

Wow! How the years flies by! Now some of my favorite stamp sets are getting ready to retire. To honor our beloved favorites, I am offering a special on ALL RETIRING Stamp Sets. When you buy 3 sets, you will receive the 4th 1/2 off. However, this is a limited time must contact me by June 27th to receive this fabulous deal!

Here is the RETIREMENT LIST for your review.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


To all the DADs in our lives, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Thank you for all that you provide and all the love you give.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is it Summer?'s suppose to be summer where you take time off to relax..right? That's is definately not the case here :) The past week has been jammed packed full of appointments, errands, events, practices etc. After four days of being constantly on the run I felt it catch up with me last night but there was no time to take a break. As the late afternoon arrived yesterday I had to find the energy to keep going because I had an Uppercase Living Open House and several items to finish up for the Highland Soccer Club registration today. did I make it? My trusty energy drink of course, a nice cold Coca-Cola! That did the trick ...I was pepped and ready to head out the door. I had a great hostess (Hi Tammy!) and she did a fabulous job! Her friends and family were great and were amazed at how simple the decals were to apply!

After Tammy's Open House I headed home to finish some items up for registration..well, I shouldn't say FINISH quite yet. As my eyes got heavy and my head started moving downward I decided it was time for bed. SO..up at 6 this morning and FINISH the final details of the Spirit Wear and displays for today. Drop the kids at the neighbors (thanks Belinda!) and spent the day at the Recreation Center promoting Spirit Wear for Highland Soccer. All in all it was a fun day and best of all I can now take it easy until tomorrow :) Next Saturday will be a another registration for Highland Soccer at Lincoln Center so you know where I will be...oh, by the way, we are a soccer household, can you tell? GO FIRE!!

Summer should arrive this week for a short while..that is until the kids start summer activities and camps :)